ProductManu-facturerActive IngredientsMaximum Individual Dose
(L/ha or kg/ha)
Chemical Group and resistance statusMaximum No. of applicationsHarvest IntervalLERAPMode of ActionMovement in plant
ActaraSyngenta250 g/l
as a WDG
80 g/ha

100 g/ha in- furrow
Use (seed only)
Neo-nicotinoid *Ware:1 spray
Seed:2 sprays
7 daysNoneContact
+ stomach poison
Systemic and trans-laminar.
Virus reduction on label
BiscayaBayer Crop Science240 g/l thiacloprid in an OD formulation0.4 l/haNeo-nicotinoid *Ware:1 spray
Seed:2 sprays
14 daysNoneContact
+ stomach poison
Hallmark with Zeon Tech-nologySyngenta100 g/l lambda-cyhalothrin, as a capsule suspension75 ml/haPyrethroid

Resistance: kdr + carboxyl-esterase-R3
300 ml/haNoneBContactContact,
InSystCertis20% w/w acetamiprid as a SP250 g/haNeo-nicotinoid*Ware:1 spray
Seed:2 sprays
14 daysBContact and stomach poisonSystemic and trans-laminar
Adama50% w/w pymetrozine, as a WDG0.3 kg/haPyridine
No known resistance
2 sprays in ware
3 sprays in seed crops
7 daysNonePrevents feeding, no knockdownSystemic
Nufarm25 g/l esfenvalerate200 ml/haPyrethroid47 daysAStomach poison, Prevents feeding, repellencyContact
TeppekiBelchim Crop Protection50% w/w flonicamid
as a WDG
0.16 kg/haPyridine-carboxamide
No known resistance, different group
2 sprays14 daysNonePrevents feedingSystemic and trans-laminar

*Neonicotinoids – Use no more than one application of any neonicotinoid insecticide on ware potatoes and no more than two applications on seed potatoes. In furrow soil treatment for seed potatoes should be regarded as one of the two allowable neonicotinoid applications.

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