Zimbabwean growers receive three million potato plantlets


10 July 2023
New tissue culture technology plays its part in ensuring self-sufficiency.

ZIMBABWE'S agricultural research hub Kutsaga has distributed more than three million potato plantlets using the new tissue culture technology. 

The distribution is meant to ensure self-sufficiency in the national potato and horticulture micro-propagation for the Presidential Rural Horticultural Scheme.

Dr Anxious Masuka, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, said in a recent speech: "In terms of sweet potato plantlet production, I am aware that this project has been providing plantlets to participants of the Presidential Rural Horticultural Scheme, for establishment in their nutrition gardens. I know that since 2021, TRB has produced and delivered well over three million sweet potato plantlets to rural households in all 10 provinces of Zimbabwe."

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Masuka said the full utilisation of new technology (tissue culture), has enabled Kutsaga to offer disease-free seedlings at a larger scale within a short space of time. 

Efficient production of high-quality seed potato tubers, added Dr Masuka, was essential for improved productivity and cannot be over-emphasized as the country moves away from being solely dependent on production from the Eastern Highlands and imports.

Source: herald.co.zw   Photo: Rutendo Petros

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