'Year-on-year decline'


12 October 2022
Agency confirms potato yields in Ireland are decreasing.

IRISH potato yields have declined year on year by approximately 10 to 15% in 2022, according to Teagasc, the state agency providing research, advisory and education in agriculture, horticulture, food and rural development in Ireland. 

Drought-like conditions, varying soil conditions and lack of irrigation facilities have had a major impact on potato yields this year, the agency stated. The area of main crop grown in 2022 came in at 7,400ha.

Teagasc Potato Specialist Shay Phelan (pictured) said: “In some areas, the fall-off in yield has been significantly greater than 15%,” adding: “Most potatoes lifted over recent weeks have been put on to the market directly. This has caused a noticeable drop in prices.”

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Agriland.ie reports that crops harvested from October onwards will be destined for storage to “settle markets” but growers are concerned about enhanced storage costs in the current economic climate. 

Irish potato production has decreased from 332,000 hectares in 1850 to just over 9,000 hectares.

Source: Fresh Plaza

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