Wholesale prices up 13% in Uzbekistan


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16 December 2022
Highest point since July, say specialists.

THE average wholesale price for potatoes in Uzbekistan has increased by 12.5% since the start of the month, and is now at its highest point since July. 

But wholesale prices are 10% lower than last year, according to specialists at East Fruit.

Potatoes are the largest import within the country's fruit and vegetable industry.

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From mid-July to the end of November of this year, the average wholesale prices for potatoes in Uzbekistan were stable, except for a short period in the second half of August. But the average wholesale price for potatoes in Uzbekistan has now increased from 4,000 to 4,500 UZS/kg ($0.36 to 0.40).

The average wholesale price is 5,000 UZS/kg ($0.46).

Source: East Fruit   Photo: Falco

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