Whitepaper on better spraying control


30 April 2021
Whitepaper on better spraying control

AGRITECH providers are inviting growers to download a whitepaper advising on how better to lower the costs of herbicides with better use of technology to control spraying.

Over-spraying herbicides puts pressing challenges on the industry. A huge volume of chemicals never reach weeds, instead landing on soil or healthy plants and being carried away with rainwater so growers lose money on herbicides that are sprayed in vain. Furthermore, these chemicals contaminate the soil, harming the environment, while the weeds themselves develop herbicide resistance.

AgriTech providers claim that smart spraying solutions can lower the costs of herbicides by 90% owing to selective application on weeds only, adding that some of the most prominent technologies enabling farmers to advance from broadcast to smart spraying are GPS guidance, machine learning algorithms, and computer vision for weed recognition.

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The whitepaper can be downloaded here.

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