'We’re listening - so we can deliver for all'


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21 September 2020
'We’re listening - so we can deliver for all'

ALISON Levett, who took over as Interim Chair of the AHDB Potato Sector Board in July 2020, has pledged to make it her mission to ensure a better exchange of knowledge is provided within the industry and will be encouraging more interaction to ensure better value for money is seen by growers.

In the AHDB column within Potato Review magazine, Alison acknowledges that many have serious doubts about the value of support they receive from the AHDB and states that, during such challenging times, it's more important than ever to ensure that concerns are listened to and future changes are 'relevant and effective'.

"While I have experienced some challenging times in my career to date, I am not sure any compare to the ‘maelstrom’ that the potato industry has been facing and will continue to face," Alison states, going on to say that while many levy payers who engage with the AHDB have said they are seeing practical improvements and better results on farms, the AHDB acknowledges that there is a need to change - both in terms of the work programmes it delivers and the ways it communicates with you. 

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"To make these changes relevant and effective, we must listen to our customers, our levy payers. I don’t want these to be hollow promises so would urge more people to connect with us directly," Alison states.

To read the full article, find out what is in the pipeline, and how to stay in touch, see the November issue of Potato Review. If you aren't already subscribed, visit https://www.potatoreview.com/circulations/subscribe