WAPS price slightly down


03 February 2021
WAPS price slightly down

THE UK's overall WAPS price decreased very slightly this week, by £0.55/t. The AHDB says this was driven by a slightly higher proportion of lower value varieties in the sample. 

The contract/ free-buy split is broadly in line with last week, although contract tonnage made up marginally more of the sample this week. 

Overall tonnage has fallen for both free-buy and contract this week, now 5% lower than a week ago. This is more than 20% lower than this time last year. 

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This week's free-buy price is a non-validated price due to primary data thresholds not being met. The WAPS values are weighted averages calculated from volume and value data from all market sectors. The average price includes both free-buy and contract purchases. The free-buy price includes free-buy data only. 


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