'Varied' award entries coming in - and still time to enter


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29 August 2023
Those that operate in or supply to the British potato industry have a chance to be recognised.

ORGANISERS of the National Potato Industry Awards are seeing some varied nominations coming in on all categories and are reminding everyone that operates in or supplies to the British potato industry that they still have time to put forward an entry.

"We've had some great people, projects and products suggested and would love to be able to announce their nominations, but people don't always remember to complete a nomination form, so we can't put their names forward to the judges without these," said Awards Co-Ordinator Hayley Comey.

"It's easy to fill in a form online, and if you prefer to remain anonymous as the nominator, this isn't an issue as long as we have some contact details to back up the nomination."

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Many growers and growing managers have been involved in trials, projects looking at new farming techniques, and ideas to bring 'new blood' into the potato growing industry. The organisers are particularly keen to hear about how these individuals are making their mark.

"There are so many grower's stories we'd like to be able to share. Whether it's longevity of service, surviving against the odds, growing a business from scratch, working alongside scientists or sustainable farming practitioners for the good of British growing, or helping to educate the growers of the future - we want to hear about those stories and accomplishments. If you're working alongside a grower or growing company that you feel deserves recognition, please fill in a form online to put their name forward," said Hayley.

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