US-Mexico potato battle: 'Deliberate delay likely'


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US-Mexico potato battle: 'Deliberate delay likely'

FEARS that a group of Mexican growers may try to slow or stop the import of US potatoes have been shared by members of the Idaho and US potato industries 

THE Mexican Supreme Court last month ruled in favour of allowing fresh potato exports from the United States into the country. The ruling, which was welcomed by US potato growers, overturned a 2017 decision that prevented the Mexican federal government from implementing regulations to allow the importation of fresh US potatoes.

Currently, fresh potatoes from the US are only allowed within a 16-mile area along the US-Mexico border and for the past 20 years, the US potato industry has sought to gain legal access for fresh potatoes throughout Mexico.

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American Falls grower Klaren Koompin and other US growers have said they are worried  Mexico’s potato industry will still try to delay opening up the country to US fresh exports.

At the Idaho Potato Commission’s regular monthly meeting, industry leaders said the National Confederation of Potato Growers of Mexico (CONPAPA) reached an agreement with the Mexican Supreme Court that will result in half of the samples taken from fresh US potato shipments being sent to a laboratory selected by CONPAPA to be tested. The other half will go to a government-run lab.

That means CONPAPA, which competes against the US potato industry, will have a direct hand in inspecting US potato imports.

Source: The Idaho State Journal

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