Ukraine prices increase


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16 November 2022
Growers predict further rises.

POTATO prices in Ukraine are beginning to pick up again, according to East Fruit project analysts.

The price increase is down to a surge in demand and overall reduction of stocks of potatoes unsuitable for long-term storage, they state. Until recently, purchasing activity of wholesale companies and retail chains had been low , resulting in declining selling prices in the segment.

Current prices are in the region of 5-9 UAH/kg ($0.14-0.25/kg). Most large producers are continuing to retain potato sales, which is encouraging the price growth, while growers have said there is a high volume of substandard products on the market that are unsuitable for long-term storage.

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Potatoes in Ukraine are, on average, 1.5 times more expensive today than in the same period last year. Producers have said prices are likely to rise again.

Source: East Fruit

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