UK WAPS down £4.37/t


24 March 2021
UK WAPS down £4.37/t

THE overall weekly average price (WAPS) in the UK has decreased by £4.37/t. 

This reduction has come as there is a greater proportion of low value varieties quoted in free-buy which is decreasing the overall price, according to AHDB statistics.
Overall tonnage traded in the week ending 20 March continued to increase and was up 4% compared to the previous week. However, on a like-for-like comparison on last year's figures this total tonnage is down by 10%. It's key to remember though, that this time last year saw a rise in potato movement due to panic buying before the first national lockdown. 

This week's average free-buy price decreased to £147.02/t, down £4.02/t on last week. The pressure this week is from the increase of lower value varieties in the free-buy sample.

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