UK prices 'stable'


23 June 2021
UK prices 'stable'

This week's overall UK price has remained relatively stable at £194.88/t, according to latest AHDB statistics.

The overall tonnage traded has slipped off further this week, as some new-crop potatoes enter the market and the 2020 season dwindles down.

This week's free-buy price has seen a significant drop as the high value varieties making up the previous week's sample are replaced by lower value varieties. The packing aspect of the sample is primarily made up of Whites trade, over more expensive Maris Piper movement.

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The free-buy tonnage traded by the sample this week increased 22% compared to the previous week, despite overall tonnage dropping. Compared to the same week last year, free-buy tonnage (on a like-for-like basis) is almost stand on. 

The WAPS values are weighted averages calculated from volume and value data from all market sectors. The average price includes both free-buy and contract purchases. The free-buy price includes free-buy data only. 

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