UK breeders unite for exhibition


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05 July 2023
Breeders demo day to be on one site for first time.

THE UK Potato Breeders will hold a Breeders Demo Day at Heath Lane, Caythorpe, near Grantham, on August 30th and 31st. 

Previously the Breeders Days have been held across two sites, Caythorpe and Coldham. However, this year for the first time, all 10 breeders have come together to exhibit on one site.

There will be various trials, as well as new varieties on display. All the main ‘top dogs’ of the industry will be present. These include HZPC, Meijer, Solana, IPM, Germicopa, Grampian Growers, Caledonia, Agrico, Stet, Cygnet PB and Cullen Allen.

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Anyone wishing to register their attendance can do so by clicking here.

Get your entries in before August 31st!
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