Three potato spillages in Denmark being treated with suspicion


05 June 2023
Trucker detained after huge potato spill delays traffic on Storebaelt bridge.

THREE lorry loads of potatoes have been spilled in separate incidents in Denmark recently, and police are investigating whether the incidents are accidental or are linked. 

A first spill was reported on the westbound side of the Storebaelt bridge early in the morning and a similar incident happened on the eastbound side a short time later.

Police said the roads had become slippery and urged drivers to drive slowly. According to the Danish Road Directorate, lines of vehicles were reported on either side of the roughly 11-mile bridge and tunnel link.

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A third incident of potatoes on the road was reported near the town of Kolding on the Jutland peninsula. Kolding is near the Storebaelt bridge.

A truck driver was detained after a spillage on the bridge linking the  islands of Zealand and Funen, and held on suspicion of causing reckless endangerment to life.

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