Thousands of potatoes spill out in lorry crash


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30 March 2022
Tonnes risk being written off

THOUSANDS of potatoes spilled over and risked being written off in the UK when a lorry carrying thousands of the crop recently crashed into a west London garden. 

Tonnes of potatoes were left scattered outside the property in Greenford after the HGV collided with another vehicle on the A40, it was reported in the Daily Mail.

A CCTV camera captured the tipper lorry hurtling off the main road and smashing into two parked cars. Another vehicle, which appeared to be a van involved in the initial collision, was seen lying amongst the potatoes.

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Residents said there were potatoes everywhere and one man could not even see his car, which was virtually buried. The £10,000 Mercedes S350 was 'a write-off' after being pummelled by potatoes. 

Source: Daily Mail

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