Thousands attend open farm events


19 July 2022
LEAF's 2022 Open Farm Sunday inspires visitors

LEAF Open Farm Sunday 2022, in which several UK potato growers participated recently, attracted 175,000 visitors, 20% of whom had not visited a farm before and 52% coming from urban areas.    

LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) has been managing Open Farm Sunday since it began in 2006. This year it supported more than 250 farmers to open their gates from Jersey through to the Shetland Isles, raising awareness about food and farming and offering fun, interactive and informative days on farm for families from all walks of life.

According to feedback, the organisers say 72% of visitors reported feeling positive about what growers are doing to help combat the climate change crisis and 49% of visitors said the visit had inspired someone in their group to consider a career in farming.

LEAF Open Farm Sunday strengthens support for farmers
45% now LEAF certified
Jersey Royal becomes island's first LEAF demonstration farm
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