Teenager sets up delivery service


04 August 2020
Teenager sets up delivery service

A 16-year-old has set himself up as a one-man potato delivery service during COVID-19 lockdown

Thomas Brennan from Cheshire delivers the Maris Piper potatoes to rural areas every Wednesday and calls his service ‘Tom’s Spuds’. The business is bringing in £200 a week and Thomas is now considering making it a full-time venture if demand continues.

In a recent interview with online magazine, Metro, he said it was “like a paper round with potatoes”. He delivers about 80 bags every Wednesday to around 70 customers

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“I thought of delivering potatoes in particular because they can be quite heavy when you’re carrying them from the shops to the car,” he said. “Lots of the people I deliver to can’t get to the shops because they’re vulnerable or can’t get out much. Many of them are elderly and aren’t going to the shops because they’re shielding from coronavirus.”

As he is too young to drive, Thomas relies on his father and sister to take it in turns transporting him and his stock to his customers’ homes.

Photo courtesy of Mercury Press & Media