Tech to be used on growing project


03 November 2022
Manufacturer and crop science company team up on project that assesses biodiversity and soil health.

A MANUFACTURER of technology that delivers insights into soil biology globally has teamed up with Syngenta Crop Protection to address soil health in potato growing.

Biome Makers' BeCrop® technology is used across the globe for assessing soil health and is to be used by Syngenta’s R&D-led LIVINGRO™ program.

LIVINGRO™ is a platform that assesses biodiversity and soil health parameters in farming ecosystems. Its findings are used to help growers improve on-farm biodiversity and safeguarding soils. This is accomplished in collaboration with globally recognized biodiversity, ecology, soil science, and agronomy specialists. 

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Gina Swart, Global Head of Product Biology Disease Control at Syngenta said: “Anybody can sequence the DNA of the soil microbiome and produce vast amounts of data through next generation sequencing. The real value is in understanding what the data shows and what you do with those insights.”  

She said the technology helps "make sense" of the data and generates actionable soil health metrics.   

Co-Founder and CSO of Biome Makers, Alberto Acedos, said: “Collaborations like LIVINGRO™ are extremely important to advance towards real personalized agriculture. It is also vital to restore the balance of the ecology of our soils and reduce the risk of diseases and malnutrition for plants growing on imbalanced soils.”

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