Supply shortage likely in North America


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14 September 2022
Minimal crops and below-average yields impact on supply.

WHILE Canada's harvest is underway and some sources say yields are looking good, other growers are concerned about a shortfall of potatoes in Canada and the US.

Remaining stocks from last year’s crop are minimal and yields this autumn could be average or below average in multiple states and provinces.

Potato acreage in Canada is estimated at 385,000, almost identical to acres from 2021. Alberta saw a 5.6% increase in acres, jumping to 72,300, but acres on Prince Edward Island declined by 6.4%.

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In the US, total acreage dropped to 910,000, which is down 3.5% from the previous year. Idaho, which dominates potato production in America, saw its acreage drop by 7.9%. In the past, additional production in Idaho has been shipped to French fry plants in Manitoba and other parts of North America to cover shortfalls. This may not happen in 2022.


Photo: Eric Prouzet

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