'Subdued' trade detailed in final report


05 July 2021
'Subdued' trade detailed in final report

UK TRADE across the week has been described as subdued, as outlets de-stock old-crop material in anticipation for new-crop potatoes, AHDB announced in its final weekly report.

Pockets of new-crop potatoes have been lifted, but it is expected that increased supplies will come to market next week, and while crops are currently looking good, some regions are particularly dry, causing some concern for the main-crop.

The AHDB Market Intelligence Team, which compiles the report, stated that it wanted to give 'special thanks' to the past and present data contributors who discuss markets and prices on a weekly basis with the team.

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"Without your continued support, our independent price reporting would not have been possible. It has been our pleasure to serve the potato industry," it said in its statement.

'Potato Weekly' has been a key resource for all in the supply chain to find prices, the latest market updates and discover all the work that AHDB produces, and sought to provide independent, impartial price information for potatoes.

It is amongst the services no longer being provided by AHDB following the outcome of a growers' ballot, which found in favour of discontinuing a statutary levy which funds the organisation.


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