Strategic Displays lift sales


15 October 2020
Strategic Displays lift sales

DATA from Kantar Consulting’s Shelving and RichMix Studies say that potato sales can see a potential lift in sales of 5.2% by optimizing the shelving for fresh potatoes. This includes overall store layout changes such as placing the produce department at the front, right side of the store—which can lead to an 8.7% lift in sales. Signage visible from the store entrance calling out the location of potatoes can increase sales by up to 2.9%. Also, using raised bins for potato shelving can lead to a 4.1% increase in sales. 

The study also found placement within the produce department is key in increasing sales. When potatoes are located in the back-left section of the produce department, a potential increase of 2.8% can be seen. Potatoes can see an increase in sales of almost 5% if they are located across from apples, since apples are on the majority of consumers’ shopping lists. 

The right assortment is also important in driving consumer interest. Potatoes showed the greatest sales lift if they were setup in this order; white, yellow, russet, purple, red, and all other varieties following. All potato types should have their own section to show the greatest increase.  

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84% of consumers know they are buying potatoes before they go into the store while only 66% of consumers know what potato type they are buying. Help consumers make these decisions by offering additional in-store displays of potatoes. A quarter of consumers say that secondary displays drove their decision to purchase potatoes on a following visit. The study found that secondary displays on an endcap showed the greatest lift and, if set up next to onions, a potential increase in sales of 3.1% can be seen on fresh potatoes. 

Source: The Packer