Spotlighting the challenges and efforts of UK growers


23 August 2021
Spotlighting the challenges and efforts of UK growers

AS Jeremy Clarkson and other celebrities took to growing crops and sharing their experiences during lockdown, more and more members of the British public have been given an insight into just how much time, effort and consideration goes into the production of potato crops. 

But it's only demonstrated a fraction of the trials and tribulations UK growers face each year in preparing the ground to give their seed the best start, protecting and nurturing the growing plants, then getting the crop from the ground and protecting it during storage, against whatever obstacles the weather and nature in general throws at them.

Many UK growers have assisted with trials and research that can help increase and protect yields in the future - in different climates, different soils, different field levels and with different machinery. Trials into 'natural' forms of protection and stimulants have also been ongoing.

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Others have been exploring new outlets to sell their crops, looking at diverse new uses for them, aiding food charities and so much more.

Potato Review has highlighted a handful of these and is sure there are many more stories to share. We're keen to spotlight some of these stories in our magazine and at the forthcoming National Potato Industry Awards, and would urge any of our website followers to get in touch via our 'Contact' link, even if it's just to praise an individual or farming business, share an anecdote or draw attention to any collaborations themselves or other growers are involved with. 

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