SPot Farm trials on Isle of Axeholme


05 March 2021
SPot Farm trials on Isle of Axeholme

SPot Farm North trials will be conducted  at R J & A E Godfrey on Isle of Axeholme just outside Goole in the coming season. 
The trials will comprise: 
•    Cultivations: Comparing primary and secondary cultivation depths, speeds and equipment.
•    Seed handling: Part of a longer-term project that will help to identify the specific areas that effect the potential of a seed crop. This aspect is focussed on the handling of the seed prior to planting. 
•    Dormancy and determinacy: More varieties to be tested to help expand the bank of knowledge 
•    Soil moisture monitoring and irrigation scheduling: Building on recent irrigation work we will be looking at the technology available to get the most out of every valuable drop of water at your disposal.
•    Haulm pulling for desiccation 
Other Spot Farms 2021 trials throughout the year will include: 
•    SPot East: Virus, wireworm, PCN, late blight, soils and compaction
•    SPot West: Cover crops, soil health scorecards, soil erosion, late blight, determinacy, spraing (if present)
•    Scotland: Nutrition, desiccation, wild flower mixes, PCN, carbon audit

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