Spain and France recommend planting of potatoes for washing


03 March 2021
Spain and France recommend planting of potatoes for washing

AT a recent virtual meeting of interprofessional potato organizations of Castile-Leon and France (CNIPT), Eduardo Arroyo, President of the Association of Potato Producers of Castile-Leon (APPACYL) and member of Castile-Leon's potato interprofessional organisation recommended producers opt more for potatoes for washing, than for industrial ones.

The French interprofessional has confirmed that they still have stocks from last season as a result of the reduction of the demand on the horeca channel owing to COVID. This reduction could not be offset by the increase in potato sales at the retail; an increase estimated at between 15-20%. According to CNIPT forecasts, they will be able to dispose of this remnant in the coming weeks, and allocate what remains to animal feed.

Ahead of the new planting, the CNIPT is recommending producers currently opt for more for potatoes for washing, than for industrial ones, since this year more demand is also expected in the retail sector and less in catering and hospitality. This same recommendation is being made by APPACYL.

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With regard to forecasts in terms of acreage, France expects a reduction of around 3-5%. For its part, Spain expects greater drops, of between 5% and 10% for the early variety (grown mainly in Andalusia and Murcia) and of about 15-20% for the mid-season or late variety.

In the case of Castile-Leon, APPACYL believes around 17,000 hectares will be planted, compared to last season's 18,371 hectares.

When it comes to prices, in the north-west of the EU, the sector is denouncing that contracts are being offered at prices between 5 and 10% lower than the previous year.


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