Soil sampling and support schemes:


15 February 2023
Scottish growers urged to take action now.

GROWERS across Scotland are being urged to have their soils tested and analysed in the face of continuing high input prices and ahead of changes to Scottish agricultural support schemes.

Angus-based SoilEssentials is encouraging farmers to book soil sampling now, ahead of the establishment of spring crops. 

Precision Agronomy Manager at SoilEssentials, Catriona McLean, said: “I would encourage growers to book sampling now ahead of spring sowing and planting, especially given the availability of the ScotGov ‘Preparing for sustainable farming’ grant scheme to support soil sampling.

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“Knowing and monitoring the make-up of soils, is crucial to ensuring the better use of increasingly expensive inputs and could also be key to unlocking future, post CAP, government support schemes.

She went on to add: "With eye-watering prices for fertiliser here to stay, at least for the 2023 cropping year, surely it is better to know precisely what is needed and where?”

She pointed out that the make-up of soils can vary significantly, even across individual fields, therefore knowing more about them and how they can be nurtured is critical to the long-term future of a growing business.”

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