Small potato packing capacity ramped up


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09 November 2020
Small potato packing capacity ramped up

HOUSTON-based Mountain King Potatoes is stepping up its packaging capacity of smaller-sized potatoes varieties in the face of strong demand.

A news release by the company reveals that recently-authorised fourth round of purchases for the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box program, consumer stockpiling during the COVID-19 pandemic and increased demand for in-home cooking during the holidays are fueling potato demand.

The Colorado-based grower, packer and shipper of its small-sized Steakhouse Roasters, Baby Golds and Baby Reds has ramped up operations at its Alpine packing facility which is dedicated exclusively to smaller-sized potatoes.

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Production lines at the plant have been configured for rapid-response packing while outbound shipments take place everey day but Sunday until the end of the year.  

Marketing Director Andreas Trettin said: “Our Alpine packing facility gives us significantly greater capacity to fill orders of our smaller, pre-sized varieties in either bins or bales.”

The company’s Alpine facility can ship out two loads per day and can combine smaller potatoes on mixer loads from its other Colorado packing sheds. The company also offers a network of less than truckload options and forward distribution hubs for customers that cannot order full truckloads.