Slight increase in average price


25 November 2020
Slight increase in average price

THE overall weekly average price (WAPS) in the UK has increased slightly by £1.21, after last week's drop. This has been supported by a change in the mix of material reported in the sample, , the AHDB reports, with this week's sample being a fairly balanced mix of all sectors. 

On a like-for-like basis, overall tonnage is down year-on-year. This week contract material dominates the sample, with free-buy trade reducing. This could be a reflection of the lacklustre demand in the current climate. This week's free-buy price has reduced by £4.33. Week-on-week tonnage is down by c.30%, with an increase in lower value varieties reported this week.

The WAPS values are weighted averages calculated from volume and value data from all market sectors. The average price includes both free-buy and contract purchases. The free-buy price includes free-buy data only. For a more detailed explanation please see below. 

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