'Shortage reports unfounded'


11 October 2022
Growers' group denies reports of low supply in Idaho

RUMOURS that the US's Idaho state would experience short supplies of potatoes this year are unfounded according to local suppliers.

As some of the state's growers who would ordinarily plant extra acreage in potatoes opted to plant other crops this year, reports in August suggested that this, combined with adverse weather conditions, would lead to a general shortage.

But in an interview with the Columbia Basin Herald, Executive Director of Potato Growers of Washington, Dale Lathim, said this had not been the case.

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Instead, he said, there had not been the surplus that had been seen in previous years.

“It’s actually a little bit better than last year in terms of yield. But it’s a lot better than last year in terms of quality,” he said.

Source: Columbia Basin Herald

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