Sharing knowledge to become better growers


20 November 2020
Sharing knowledge to become better growers

THE Soil Hub at Croptec 2020 will provide a platform for sharing the latest thinking on improving soil health and crop yield, along with the roles of no-till and min-till drilling and regenerative farming to meet those aims.

HORSCH is sponsoring the the hub and will also demonstrate how it develops products on its own farms.

Improved soil structure, reduced soil compaction and erosion and reduced input costs are some of the benefits of no-till and min-till farming systems and the HORSCH ProfiBio regenerative farming system looks to combine the best practices of organic farming and conventional farming. 

"This inventive and forward-looking system is designed to meet the needs of farmers looking for mechanical weed control yet retaining the high productivity of conventional farming," a company spokesman said. "HORSCH Avatar SD and Focus TD drills offer versatile and flexible drilling options for farmers looking to move into reduced tillage drilling."

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