'Share the potato's journey'


19 May 2023
Local crop growth can be highlighted during school awareness-raising week.

FARMING Fortnight, which takes place from June 5th – 16th, will offer an opportunity for the role of local British potato growers and processers to be highlighted to future generations, organisers have stated.

UK agri-education charity, LEAF Education, has announced the return of the event, which will see hundreds of schools take part in a two-week spotlight on farming and food production. 

"For schools in the potato farming regions, this could include looking at/discussing potatoes in more detail," said Carl Edwards, LEAF Director, Education and Public Engagement.

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Schools are offered a range of free national curriculum-linked resources to help teachers deliver lessons and activities about farming, food production, and the natural environment. All resources can be adapted.

#MarketMonday and #TastyThursday will encourage children to look at local crops and discuss food produced near them, which is a perfect opportunity to educate children about the potato crop's growth and production, Carl said.

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