Seminars explore efficiency and profitability


21 September 2022
Current climate's impact on growers' businesses under the microscope, with advice offered.

EXPERTS, policy-makers and successful farmers will share farm-ready advice and discuss the latest technology that can help potato business be more efficient, sustainable and profitable in a programme of seminars at November's Croptec show in Peterborough, UK.

In the 'Coping with change: Costs, environmental regulation & cultivating resilience' seminar, international trade impacts will be analysed and the implications of environmental policy will be explored, with questions around cost management being tackled.

A second seminar, 'Trusting Data', will look at how technology adoption could be key to controlling fertiliser costs. This session will be chaired by Mark Tucker, Marketing and Agronomy manager, Yara Europe.

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The 'Maximising Natural Capital Revenue Opportunities session is specially designed to help farmers understand their options when it comes to monetising revenue opportunities within the natural capital sphere. From carbon to water, experts will take a hard look at the various drivers influencing the supply chain of these environmental deliverables to identify financial gain.

With the industry coming under increasing regulatory pressure, farmers are looking to reduce their chemical inputs and the fourth seminar will explore this in more detail. From IPM to analysing the role of plant breeding in the crop protection armoury, this session will look at strategies to help farmers deal with the disease burden and look to the future to ask.

The event takes place at the East of England Showground on November 23rd and 24th and those wishing to attend any of the seminars, need to register here.

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