Saving Agriculture in the Wake of the Ukraine Invasion


10 June 2022
Roundtable speakers discuss the options

AT a round table organised by Intellias and AFN (previously AgFunderNews), speakers will discuss the role of Ukraine’s agriculture in the global food supply chain, what is happening to Ukrainian agriculture right now, and how to stop the negative effects of the war on agriculture and food supplies globally.   

Whether you are the owner of an agricultural business, a farmer, the founder of an AgriTech startup, or a sustainability supporter, you are invited to join the event  on June 15th to look at finding ways to prevent a global food supply crisis and ensure the stability of the agricultural economy.

Speakers incude: 
•    Dmytro Lennyi, AgriTech Practice Leader at Intellias 
•    James Henegan, SVP of Agribusiness at Gro Intelligence  
•    Dr Helena Wright, Policy Director at FAIRR Initiative  
•    Himanshu Gupta, CEO of ClimateAI
•    Maryna Kuzmenko, CEO of Petiole 
•    Julia Poroshenko, Founder of Agrohub 

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Those interested can register via the following LinkedIn page.

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