Return of the giants!


18 October 2021
Return of the giants!

FOR the first time in years, four international manufacturers will have self-propelled harvesters on show at the British Potato event.

This follows Ploeger’s decision to join AVR, DeWulf and Grimme in bringing the machines for growers and contractors to examine at first hand.

“Getting the machines to the show obviously involves some logistical challenges and costs, so it’s a strong sign of the enthusiasm and commitment to making the event a success,” said organiser Steve Wellbeloved.

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“We’re seeing this from a great many other exhibitors too, so the halls hold the largest ever range of companies and a great many new developments to see and discuss.

“All in all, it confirms what people from across the industry have been telling us for some months – that they want the reality of a show, after months of virtual reality and online communications, so it’s time for a proper British Potato event. In fact, the level of support we’ve received is humbling and has strengthened our resolve to beat the challenges and get the event on.

“I understand the National Potato Industry Awards Night that coincides with the show is also being well supported, so it’s clear there’s strong mood in favour of bringing the industry together.”

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