Research centres join LEAF as centres of excellence for sustainable farming


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13 October 2021
Research centres join LEAF as centres of excellence for sustainable farming

Agrii’s Throws Farm Technology Centre and Newcastle University Farms have become the latest two establishments to join the LEAF Network. 

Launched as LEAF Innovation Centres, they join the UK-wide ‘LEAF Network’ of farms and research centres, advancing the science and practical application of more sustainable, regenerative farming, delivered through Integrated Farm Management (IFM). 

Agrii is a provider of agronomy services, technology and advice to the farming sector. Working with breeders, suppliers and manufacturers, it provides advice to a 280 strong agronomist network reaching 35% of UK farms.Throws Farm, based near Dunmow in Essex, is Agrii’s R&D Technology Centre and carries out applied research into integrated crop management strategies, including varietal selection, fertiliser and nutrient use efficiency, ‘greener’ pesticides, novel biosolutions, soil health and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). 

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Newcastle University Farms totals 800 hectares across two sites in Northumberland. Together, they form a diverse mixed farming enterprise and use precision technology across all grass and arable land. Research areas are wide-ranging with current emphasis on IFM approaches in both crops and livestock, aiming to deliver ‘sustainable intensification’ through regenerative agriculture. 

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