Refining the mechanics of haulm pulling


IN the post diquat world, while many potato growers are already using, or considering, haulm destruction methods for their crop, considering the costs and efficacy implications, Dutch brand, Vegniek, has been working to refine the mechanical pulling process.

Its focus has been on reducing crop damage and ensuring that rows are effectively closed following the pass.

Edward Gilbert, Sales & Marketing Director of Standen in the UK, said: “Not only is there compelling evidence that there are cost savings to be achieved with haulm pulling versus other haulm destruction methods, but according to several of their trial growers they reported much lower, in fact zero, rhizoctonia rates in the pulled fields, being able to harvest approximately 2.5 weeks earlier, harder skins, which reduced crop damage, as well as a faster and better harvest as the soil sieved better through the harvester on account of a fully broken connection between the tuber and the stem.”

To read all about it, see the May issue of Potato Review. You can subscribe here.

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