Reduced seeded area in Canada


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04 August 2022
Estimate of 2022 potato acreage revealed.

STATISTICS Canada has released its first estimate of potato acreage in Canada based on data obtained from a survey of potato growers in the country. 

The 2022 potato acreage is estimated at 385,128 acres. This is almost flat compared to 2021 - only 242 acres more than last year.

In 2021 acreage had seen a big increase over 2020, and even the pre-Covid year 2019, predominantly in the major processing provinces, bringing supply back to meet demand increases in the industry that began pre-Covid. However, as a result of significant rises in input costs, fertiliser and fuel predominantly, coupled with increased holding levels in some of the Eastern provinces, the country has seen a reduced seeded acreage in 2022.

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Source/Photo: Fresh Plaza / United Potato Growers of Canada

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