R&D merger forges ahead


04 November 2020
R&D merger forges ahead

USA company SynTech Research and Europe's Acceres have now successfully met all the requirements to merge their businesses to form a global agricultural R&D contract research organisation (CRO). 

Consisting of Acceres (Biotek Agriculture, GAB Consulting and Promovert) and SynTech Research, the new Company comprises more than 600 laboratory, field and regulatory staff providing services in more than 40 countries. 

Dr Khosro Khodayari has been appointed as CEO of the new company, chairing the Global Executive Committee (GEC), leading further integration activities and serving on the Board of Directors (BoD). Dr Francis Lacroze, former SGS, who has been involved with EKKIO Capital in the development of Acceres, has been appointed as Chairman of the BoD. EKKIO Capital are the majority shareholders and will provide the additional investment required for rapid growth of the new Company through acquisitions and Greenfield expansion projects. As previously announced, once integration activities have been completed, the name of the new Company will be formalised as SynTech Research. 

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The companies will now commence further integration activity, but the group is already positioned to provide complete packages of services globally, including field trials (agrochemical and seeds/traits), laboratory studies (analytical, ecotoxicology), and regulatory services for chemicals, biopesticides and biocides.