Protect our ‘jewel’, storage expert urges


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30 April 2020
Protect our ‘jewel’, storage expert urges

A storage specialist has urged all those within the potato industry to help protect the future of the Sutton Bridge Crop Research Station

Ray Andrews, Managing Director of Crop Systems Limited, is worried that the AHDB consultation regarading the future of the Lincolnshire research station could irreparably damage potato storage research.


“AHDB’s announcement that it is consulting on the future of the Sutton Bridge Crop Research Station, and on potato storage research more broadly, should worry every potato grower in this country,” said Ray. “Too many people in the sector still seem unaware this is happening, so we risk sleep-walking into an uncertain future. The excellence of Sutton Bridge’s work is recognised right around the world.”

“Since it was launched in 1964 it has built up an outstanding track record for world quality research. It is a jewel in the crown that should be treasured rather than trashed.”

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Completing all major research into such a complex subject on one site means it has a unique synergy and level of co-ordination that cannot be achieved if the work were split between multiple sites, no matter how excellent those individual sites may be, Ray claimed.

Factors such as the advent of coronavirus, withdrawal of CIPC and Brexit mean the industry faces enough current uncertainty, without adding to the burden, he said.


“The last thing it needs is uncertainty hanging over a unique, world-leading research facility that has achieved so much. I urge everyone involved in the potato industry to make their voice heard and to protect this unique facility.”


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