Producer organisation funding relief welcomed


30 July 2021
Producer organisation funding relief welcomed

NFU horticulture and potatoes board chairman Ali Capper has welcomed the short-term transition of producer organisation funding by Defra, saying it provides relief for growers and avoids a funding gap that could have had a significant impact on horticultural businesses.

In a recent statement, Ali said: “I’m incredibly pleased that Defra has listened to our concerns and granted a short-term transition to growers that ensures there is no funding gap while a new UK horticulture productivity scheme is developed.

“Producer organisations are hugely valuable to Britain’s horticulture sector, selling more than 50% of all British fruit and veg, as well as driving cooperation, productivity improvements and technology developments."

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She said a new UK horticulture productivity scheme is "an exciting prospect" for growers and the NFU has been working closely with Defra to ensure it is fit for purpose and helps support the sector's ability to grow and be globally competitive.

“It is critical that producer organisations have sufficient clarity on the structure of the new support mechanisms ahead of programmes ending, so that they have time to make the necessary preparations,” she said.

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