Prices soar but growers reel under losses in India


01 November 2021
Prices soar but growers reel under losses in India

THE incessant rains and floods in Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest potato producer, has left farmers, especially in the potato belt of Kannauj, staring at huge losses. Ironically, they are having to buy potatoes at exorbitant rates so that they can sow their next crop.

The potato fields of Kannauj Uttar Pradesh prepared for the Rabi season are waterlogged with the incessant and unexpected rains the state saw earlier this month and prices of potatoes have shot up, according to a report in the Gaon Connection.

Vinod Kumar, a 60-year-old potato farmer from Khusatiya village in the district, said: “It is quite possible that the potatoes will soon sell at a thousand rupees per katti (approximately 50 kgs).”

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He added that he had sold potatoes for no more than Rs 270 per katti (50 kgs), but was shelling out up to Rs 800 per katti to buy them.

Source: Gaon Connection

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