Prices drop in northern India


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15 December 2020
Prices drop in northern India

POTATO prices in northern India have dropped more than 40% in the past three weeks.

Prices in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra markets have crashed below Rs 1,600 per 100 kgs from around Rs 2,900-2750 on November 24-25. On December 14th, potatoes at Fatehpur Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) market saw prices of Rs 1,550 per 100 kgs against Rs 2,750 on November 26th.

In Madhya Pradesh, prices in Indore district markets had declined to Rs 1,600 per 100 kgs last weekend. In Punjab’s Jalandhar district, too, potato prices had dipped to Rs 1,600 during the weekend.

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture’s third advanced estimate of horticultural crops in India, potatoes were cultivated on 2.06 mln hectares during the 2019-20 crop year (July-June) against 2.17 mln hectares in 2018-19.

Source:  Photo: Simon Steinberger


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