Prices drop by a third in Ukraine


17 August 2023
Wholesale decrease attributed to falling number of consumers.

WHOLESALE prices for potatoes have fallen by 30% in Ukraine. 

This price decline is occurring against the backdrop of a high supply of Ukrainian vegetables, which is exceeding demand. The reduction in consumers has resulted from the outflow of refugees and a decrease in the population. 

Oleg Penzin who heads up the Economic Discussion Club said the surplus of produce has led to a price collapse.

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The price reduction can also be attributed to growers revising their planting plans owing to the catastrophe at the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Station. This has led to an expansion of land dedicated to vegetable cultivation.

Growers are currently striving to quickly sell their harvest as long storage times aren't possible.

Sales remain profitable as prices have not below production costs. During the winter, prices are expected to increase further, potentially leading to shortages.


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