Price spike at Durban


06 August 2021
Price spike at Durban

POTATO prices at Durban, South Africa, were lifted by R20 (1.16 euro) at the end of July to R30 (1.74 euro) per 10kg above the levels at South Africa's other markets, Carolize Jansen recently reported in Fresh Plaza. 

The average potato price was R6,75 per kg at the Johannesburg fresh produce market.

The closure of major highways disrupted deliveries from Limpopo, western Free State and the Northern Cape, the areas currently delivering potatoes to the market.

A spokesman said: “Potato consumption is currently very good and has been stable over the past few months at a level higher than usual. I think it can be ascribed to people rediscovering their kitchens.”

At the Johannesburg municipal fresh produce market, sales slowed down significantly as suppliers and buyers stayed away as looting and volatility continued in communities around Johannesburg.

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There were no incidents of violence but two sales days were lost at the Johannesburg market where between 200,000 to 300,000 units of potatoes and onions are sold daily.

Producers were advised not to send to the market for a few days, and when supplies resumed there was strong demand which one trader said protected price levels on potatoes.

Source and photo: Fresh Plaza

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