Potential dumping and financial strain as wart ban continues


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14 December 2021
Potential dumping and financial strain as wart ban continues

A BAN on potato exports from Prince Edward Island to the US because of potato wart is likely to continue long into the new year, according to the island's Agriculture Minister.

Bloyce Thompson told a news conference recently that everything possible is being done to try to prevent the destruction of potatoes and to ensure growers and suppliers were given financial aid.

The provincial government announced a program that will provide potato farmers with working or capital loans with a fixed interest rate of four per cent. The government will also help the Island potato industry and affected trucking companies with wage reimbursements to employers to maintain their staff during the restrictions.

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The PEI Potato Board claims millions of kilograms of potatoes may have to be destroyed because of the ban.

Source: CBC News   Photo: Bayer Crop Science

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