Potatoes return to fast food chain


21 January 2021
Potatoes return to fast food chain

POTATOES are coming back to Taco Bell, the American-based chain of fast food restaurants, in March.

Vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike have been missing the plant-based option at Taco Bell since the brand removed potatoes from the menu last year in an attempt to simplify.

But this year, Taco Bell has committed to serving up more plant-based options so everyone can enjoy the company’s food. The potatoes are scheduled to return on March 11th, with Spicy Potato soft tacos fresco style or added potatoes on bean burritos now included as options.

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Taco Bell has also announced plans to partner with Beyond Meat to release a new plant-based protein later this year.

Source: vegoutmag.com  Photo: jmbaugh from Pixabay