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28 July 2021
Potatoes New Zealand forums

POTATOES New Zealand is urging those who are interested to register now for limited tickets to its 2021 Potato Industry Forums (PIFS) in Ashburton and Pukekohe.

These will take place as follows:

* Ashburton - August 13th, 9am until 4.30pm with refreshments to end the day and catering throughout.
* Pukekohe - August 19th, 9am until 4.30pm with refreshments to end the day and catering throughout.

Registration includes all catering. 

The events enable growers to let the organisation know what their challenges are, and how it can best support them. It's also an opportunity for a farmer-to-farmer exchange of ideas and learnings.

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A visit from Professor Calum Wilson of University Tasmania to talk about Powdery Scab will be included as part of his NZ tour.

Other highlights in the programme include Bernard Hickey talking economy, Katherine Rich talking supermarkets, a decent session on R&D including new projects on challenges such as psyllid and liberibacter and an opportunity for open floor discussion. We pleased to have a number of agronomists joining panel discussions at both events.

The organisation's recent meeting in Palmerston North was a chance to hear more directly about councils, consents, FEPs, markets, pest & disease and labour challenges.

To register, visit our events page here.

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