Potatoes are the staple of colour-changing cocktail


24 February 2022
Celebratory drink created by growers

TASTEFUL Selections®, a family-owned collection of farms producing bite-sized potatoes, recently came up with a special potato-based recipe, Purple Passion Margarita, to celebrate National Margarita Day 2022 in the US, and it has been making waves on YouTube.

The Color-Changing Purple Passion™ Margarita is just one of the new creations the company has come up with as a way of showing how versatile potatoes are, and increasing their use by consumers.

The company's vice-president of sales & marketing operations, Tim Huffcutt said: "At Tasteful Selections, we value creativity and ingenuity, and it’s not isolated to just our business. It is in our recipes too. Potatoes have been a staple in many homes for generations. The potato can be so much more than a traditional side dish and we are excited to show our consumers all the wonderful recipe options our potatoes provide."

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The recipe, featured on YouTube, also includes Tequila and orange liqueur. It can be seen here.

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