Potato prescriptions on UK's NHS?


18 March 2022
Proposals outlined in Government white paper

FRESH potatoes could be prescribed on the NHS as part of a UK Government white paper and based on a similar scheme in the US.

Those living in deprived areas suffer from poor diets that could help shave off up to 18 years of their lifespan, according to the government. Its National Food Strategy proposals outline how this can be prevented by 'social prescribing' fresh vegetables.

Henry Dimbleby MBE, a British businessman and cookery writer who co-founded Leon Restaurants and the Sustainable Restaurant Association put forward the proposal as a lead non-executive board member of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which he has served on since March 2018.

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As part of a three-year trial, GPs will be able to prescribe fruit and vegetables to those suffering from, or at risk of, diet-related illness or food insecurity. Cookery lessons and new approaches to school meal standards are also proposed.

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Photo: Matthias Boeckel on Pixabay