Potato exports lagging


19 April 2021
Potato exports lagging

TRADE data released by HMRC until the end of February 2021 has revealed that potato exports have lagged since the UK's EU exit transition period.

In February, ware exports for both processed and fresh sectors increased from January’s figures, but werre still lower than the previous year's figures. Whereas overall seed exports and ware imports fell substantially from January to February.

However this could have also been affected by HMRC’s data collection method which changed from January 21st onwards. Monthly volumes are now assessed by customs declaration whereas previously, data was collected on physical movement.

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Fresh exports to the EU totalled 9.3Kt in February, up from 6.9Kt in January. Spain, Belgium, and the Irish Republic were the main destinations. Despite a rise in fresh exports from January to February, the volume exported is well below the average monthly fresh EU exports before the end of the transition period (July-December 2020). It also lags well behind previous years indicating that there could be continued issues with exports.

Combined total fresh exports (EU and non-EU) totalled 9.6Kt for February, bringing the total season-to-date figures to 103.0Kt. AHDB says this is behind the five-year average for July-February by 19.8Kt.

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