Potato 'bribe' rejected


02 June 2021
Potato 'bribe' rejected

A FARMER hoping to build hen sheds in Cononsyth in Angus has been accused of trying to bribe neighbours with sacks of potatoes, according to a report in the Courier.

Farmer Angus Dowell has lodged plans to build two sheds, which house 32,000 hens each, at Cononsyth Farm. The hen sheds would supply eggs.

Local residents are preparing a formal objection to the plan, fearful it will lead to bad smells and congestion in their rural corner of Angus.

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Angus Dowell previously left a letter and a 12kg bag of potatoes at the door of several objectors

Some of the residents then donated the potatoes to a foodbank in Forfar, saying they were concerned taking them could be seen as accepting a “bribe”.

Source: The Courier

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